Visit Chinese experts from the IMPRC

On Monday, 28/04/1395, three Chinese experts from the China Minmetals Research Center came to the Center to visit the facilities and capabilities of the Center, who after briefing with Mr. Malathehri and introducing their expertise and capabilities In the field of mineral and metallurgy processing, along with a brief presentation by a Chinese expert, they visited various parts of the center.
China Mining Metals International Co. offers high quality services in mining and metals. The initial services of the company include exploration, mining, metal smelting, processing, trading of metals and mineral gems. Also in the field of financing and real assets, mining and metallurgy technology operates under the trade framework covering more than 34 regions and countries, it has about 177,000 employees and covers 7 companies inside and outside China.
In 2014, Maine Metals has earned more than 322 billion yuan, ranking 198th among the top 500 countries in the world and fourth in the mining industry. The headquarters of the company is in Beijing and was founded in 1950. Chairman of the board is He Wenbo and CEO of Guo Wenqing.
It should be noted that the company signed a memorandum of understanding with IMIDRO for the production of fluoride on the day before, and a mobile mobile line is to be donated to IMIDRO.


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