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Developing programs in Iran mineral processing research center

Iran mineral processing research center is one of the sub units of IMIDRO with more than 10 years experiences in the fields of mineral processing researches in scales of laboratory and pilot plant and manufacturing process equipment. Conclusively, by using the knowledge and obtained experiences in mineral processing and having proper spaces for laboratories and pilot plant with unique equipment in the country, in addition of provision of good services and research activities carried out, it has been set up for targeting and implementing development following activities in the way of creating INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM as well as development and promotion of technologies in the field of mineral processing:

  • Research and Development of manufacturing mineral processing mobile & pilot equipment.
  • Process troubleshooting and promotion of the recovery and efficiency of mineral processing plants
  • Attract mineral processing ideas and establishment of participation in the development and commercialization of them
  • Strengthen and develop targeted communication between university and industry.
  • Prioritize Research in the challenges of the country’s mineral processing industries, such as water crisis and cost
  • Identifying and developing new processing methods and equipment as well as technical knowledge transfer and technology cooperation
  • Reprocessing of residue and wastes of mines and processing plants
  • Developing communications with top research centers at national, regional and international levels in order to set up open innovation and transition from research and development to communication and development.
  • Research development in the field of environmental assessment and strategic studies for promotion of green productivity and economy in the field of mineral processing
  • Development of research and technology in the extraction of strategic and precious elements, future technologies and …

In accordance with these above, following activities are carried out:

Preparation of recall documents for identification and manufacturers’ and suppliers’ pre-qualitative assessment for participation in the design and manufacture of mineral processing mobile equipment,  Holding a series of targeted symposiums for communication between university and industry in the field of mineral processing, Recruiting specialists, Getting the highest level of license for health services provided by the Environmental Laboratory Center, Identifying and developing communications with experienced experts, research centers and so on for developing researches and technologies in the field of mineral processing.

In this regard, the center welcomes the ideas, suggestions, and cooperation of all the experts in this field, including real and legal people, in order to take several steps towards the implementation of the above contents as well as development of the country minerals processing


To honor the customers of the Iranian Mineral Processing Research Center, in order to increase customers’ satisfaction and improve the quality of services, this year, we have implemented the following plans for customer rewarding on your site:

۱. Launching the ilims software system under the Web. Which includes various sections such as basic information, daily operations, management dashboards, filing requests, issuing invoices, tracking sample status, various logging, ISO / IEC 17025 standards, documentation archives, and more.

۲. Establishment of the Tehran Acceptance Office on Valiasr Avenue

۳. Getting online results under the Web for customers

۴. Creating a communication channel through cyberspace for quick and complete customer information.

۵. Possibility of surveying the services of the Web-based Center for customers.

۶. Establishment of a technical team to accurately respond to customer needs.

۷. Establish appropriate reception space at the entrance of the center

Laboratory Services for Customers Under the Wide Web Dear Customers of Iran Minerals Processing Research Center, Considering the launch of the ILIMS Web Services Laboratory Software, if necessary, the features of this software include invoice bills, work process and electronic receipt. The test report will announce your official request to the Center. It is essential to obtain a username and password for legal entities to submit their application on the official page with the seal and signature and how to receive it. For real customers, an official application is required, along with a copy of the national card.

Design, manufacture and establish Paste thickeners were carried out on laboratory and pilot scales in Iran Mineral Processing Research center. This proceeding is due to preventing environmental pollution as well as saving on maintenance costs of industrial wastes According to...

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According to the pubic relation of IMPRC, environmental laboratory was able to acquire the technical knowledge of measuring the amount of processing drugs. Considering the importance of environmental pollutants and also with the support of the HSEE unit, the Environmental...

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Experiences processing of manganese ore of Tandis stone company was carried out by using dense medium cyclone in pilot scale in IMPRC. According to the Public Relations of IMPRC, Mn grade in feed is 11.8% which is upgraded to 40%...

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Upon the end of the valuable ideas of mining and mineral industries festival, 10 top ideas were honored. According to the public relations of IMPRC, upon the end of the first festival of valuable ideas of mining and mineral industries...

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Research Center of Iran Mineral Processing in the Conference and International Exhibition of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy at 27 and 28 November the Association Mhnsyn - metallurgy and Foundry mens Society of the Salon International Conference Shahid Beheshti University held...

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