The center is able to perform processing studies on all minerals except radioactive materials. Of course, all factories and companies that are somehow associated with the production of minerals and exploitation of mines are definitely customers of this center, and given the Existing laboratory equipment The major part of the mining industry can be the potential customers of this center. Also in relation to the cement industry, given that the raw materials for the production of cement such as limestone, iron ore, marl and clay, the center can Mineralogy, chemical analysis, determination of the index of work, grinding, grading, … To provide the cement industry.
Also, due to the rising prices of metals and the increase in investment in mining and mineral industries around the world, especially in neighboring countries, especially in the newly independent countries of the former Soviet Union, and the member countries of the ECO and the D8 Council, this center It can provide services to all countries in the region.
The services offered by the center are presented to a wide range of users. A list of some of the Center’s recipients is as follows.
The main applicants for the center’s services are over 750 sets.