Notification 1

To honor the customers of the Iranian Mineral Processing Research Center, in order to increase customers’ satisfaction and improve the quality of services, this year, we have implemented the following plans for customer rewarding on your site:

۱. Launching the ilims software system under the Web. Which includes various sections such as basic information, daily operations, management dashboards, filing requests, issuing invoices, tracking sample status, various logging, ISO / IEC 17025 standards, documentation archives, and more.

۲. Establishment of the Tehran Acceptance Office on Valiasr Avenue

۳. Getting online results under the Web for customers

۴. Creating a communication channel through cyberspace for quick and complete customer information.

۵. Possibility of surveying the services of the Web-based Center for customers.

۶. Establishment of a technical team to accurately respond to customer needs.

۷. Establish appropriate reception space at the entrance of the center

Notification 2

Laboratory Services for Customers Under the Wide Web Dear Customers of Iran Minerals Processing Research Center, Considering the launch of the ILIMS Web Services Laboratory Software, if necessary, the features of this software include invoice bills, work process and electronic receipt. The test report will announce your official request to the Center. It is essential to obtain a username and password for legal entities to submit their application on the official page with the seal and signature and how to receive it. For real customers, an official application is required, along with a copy of the national card.