Design, manufacture and establish Paste thickener on laboratory and pilot scales in Iran Mineral Processing Research center

Design, manufacture and establish Paste thickeners were carried out on laboratory and pilot scales in Iran Mineral Processing Research center. This proceeding is due to preventing environmental pollution as well as saving on maintenance costs of industrial wastes

According to the Public Relations of IMPRC, design, manufacture and establish Paste thickeners were done in IMPRC in order to overcome the problem of water shortage in industries as well as prevent environmental pollutions and save on maintenance cost of industrial wastes. Design and manufacture stages of paste thickener were performed on laboratory and pilot scales with assistance of Tehran Univercity in Sep. 2018. 

Results of performed experiences of paste thickener on Gol-e-Gohar iron minerals wastes show that solid percents of thickener underflow in laboratory and pilot reached 57% and 65% respectively. This result caused water saving about 15% in paste thickener system compared with conventional ones and more, reducing environmental hazards and industrial current costs. dry solid capacity of the paste thickener in laboratory scale is 8.5 kg per hour and in pilot is 530 kg per hour.

Note that based on gotten experiences in design and performance of this type of thickener in IMPRC, it  has the ability of designing  and manufacture of paste thickener in industrial scale.

Acquiring technical knowledge of measuring the amount of processing drug in IMPRC

According to the pubic relation of IMPRC, environmental laboratory was able to acquire the technical knowledge of measuring the amount of processing drugs.

Considering the importance of environmental pollutants and also with the support of the HSEE unit, the Environmental Laboratory of the Mineral Processing Research Center last year gained technical know-how in measuring the amount of processing drugs (xanthate), one of the most important Organic collectors used in the flotation of sulfide minerals.

Considering the high consumption of these materials and its environmental damaging effects, taking into account the facilities and equipment of the center, the quantitative determination of the Xanthate as well as the provision of technical services on the quality of imported Xanthate to prevent the entry of poor ones, were on the agenda of the center.

Note that environmental laboratory of the center is ready to provide laboratory services to the mines, industries and companies importing Xanthate as the following:

  • Measuring the purity (activity) of industrial Xanthate by chemical methods and comparing and selecting the available Xanthates in the market.
  • Determination of the amount of Xanthate ions by advanced decomposition methods in very low amounts (ppm) in process and return water, input waste water into the waste dump and output waste water from the plant and …
  • Purification of industrial ethyl xanthate by laboratory methods and preparation of high purity xanthate.
  • Investigate the secondary products of Xanthate decomposition in aqueous medium over time and measure the amount of CS2 in the air.

Please contact Mrs. Damarcheli (environmental laboratory supervisor) for more information;

۰۲۶۹۲۱۰۸۳۶۱-۷۰ (Internal phone number of the supervisor: 350)

Manganese processing in IMPRC

Experiences processing of manganese ore of Tandis stone company was carried out by using dense medium cyclone in pilot scale in IMPRC.

According to the Public Relations of IMPRC, Mn grade in feed is 11.8% which is upgraded to 40% after processing with varied special weights. Obtained concentrate with this grade is usable in industries and results shows that this process is economical. Conclusively, the company makes the decision of use IMPRC experiences in Manganese processing in industries scales.

۱۰ Top valuable ideas were introduced

Upon the end of the valuable ideas of mining and mineral industries festival, 10 top ideas were honored.

According to the public relations of IMPRC, upon the end of the first festival of valuable ideas of mining and mineral industries 10 of the top ideas selected from 100 ones by jury committee were received awards and honors in the presence of Mehdi Karbassian, director of the Imidra Organization, and Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, Director University of Tehran.

In this festival, Ziauddin Pourkarimi has one of 10 top ideas in the field of modern technologies of exploration, extraction, processing, and mineral industries with emphasis on Fava, Nano flotation design, fine particles, and Nano bubbles..

And other winners of the top ideas in the mining and industries are as the following:

Pouria Orouji (Energy Management at Mineral Processing Plant Using Mass and Energy Balance Software), Kambiz zad Eyvazi (Growth and Improvement of Productivity through Reducing Energy Use (Water) by Removing the Tickener and Returning wash Water of Filters in the way of Shortcut to settling basin reservoir), Jawad Jafar Yahya (Monitoring of vital signs with use in industries and mines), Hossein Mazaheri (Baked pellet Hardness Testing Machine), Ali Amiri and Sadegh Yousefi (Production of Hydroxide and Magnesium Nanoparticles from Brines), Mohammad Taghi Shadloo (Special Hydrate Production), Mohammad Zali (Extraction of Zinc, Cadmium and Nickel from Zinc Cake Filter), Hamid Reza Elyak Yi (removal of waste from fine-grained iron ore (below 3 mm) with dry magnetic method) and Mehdi Brokjyan (water supply for mineral industries with agricultural mechanization and the modification of the cultivation pattern of plains in the region by industries and the use of excess water resulting from these operations in industries; Case of Sangan Khaf) who were honored at this festival.




The presence of Iran Minerals Processing Research Center in 3rd International Conference and Exhibition of Engineering Materials and Metallurgy

Research Center of Iran Mineral Processing in the Conference and International Exhibition of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy at 27 and 28 November the Association Mhnsyn – metallurgy and Foundry mens Society of the Salon International Conference Shahid Beheshti University held Hzvrfal found.
The Public Relations Research Center of Iran Mineral Processing at the conference and exhibition welcomed a group of teachers, students and authorities were Dr. Karbasian Deputy Minister and President of the Board of IMIDRO in the opening made speeches.
The purpose of this conference and its exhibition was to create an interaction between metallurgy and materials engineering specialists with other industry and industrial experts.
It should be noted that during this year the center will be in the laboratories of Turkey _ Eurasia Mining Show 2014, 3rd and 14th Khordad, as well as Yazd Mining Exhibitions Exhibition in Yazd, June 3rd and 4th, at the Yazd University, the 7th Nanotechnology Festival, October 14th-17th at the Tehran International Trade Fair and Opportunity Exhibition Investment in mines and mining industries in two parts of the construction of specialized equipment and laboratory services, and Pilot has been active in the period from 22 to 24 October this year.