Environmental laboratory
In this laboratory, using existing equipment and equipment, waste from mineral processing and processing of minerals is studied and suitable methods for removing pollutants are investigated. Devices and equipment in this section include:
۱ gas chromatography with Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer or GC-MS
The efficiency of this device is to detect organic and organic metal compounds that are capable of separation in gas chromatography. This device has head-space features that are used to analyze organic escape compounds.
۲ Gas Chromatograph Gas Chromatography
This machine is equipped with 4 detectors used to measure different compositions as follows:
A. FID detector for analysis of hydrocarbons
B. ECD detector for analysis of halogenated compounds
C NPD detector for analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds
FPD detector for analysis of organometallic compositions such as organotinins.
By connecting to the Purge and Trap system, this device increases the ability to measure compounds in small quantities.
۳ ion chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography
Ion Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography
This device is able to measure the following parameters:
A. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of anions and cations of the first and second groups
B Isolation of anions and cations of the first and second groups
C. Determination and separation of organic compounds using HPLC
It has conductivity, UV, and electrochemical coefficients.
It has columns for the separation of cations and anions and organic compounds.
۴ GPS devices
A device that is used in the sample preparation section to clean and absorb environmental disturbances in the sample.
۵ FT-IR Spectrometer Infrared Fourier Transform
This device is used to identify organic compounds and their functional groups. Other applications of this device are research work in the environmental sectors and quality control in industrial processes and the qualitative analysis of the products produced, as well as the ability to identify and isolate mixtures of isomers such as orthoses and para.