Chemical Analysis Laboratory

In this laboratory, using advanced equipments and devices, elemental analysis of materials is performed with precision up to ppb, which are described below.
۱ X-Ray Fluorescent X-Ray Fluorescent Device
This device is used to measure quantitative and qualitative elements and analyzes solids, powder, liquids, melted tablets.
۲ ultraviolet spectroscopy UV-Visible Spectrophotometry
To measure the elements that produce color solutions, they are used quantitatively and qualitatively.
۳ Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
This machine is equipped with a graphite furnace system and a water heater system that can analyze the elements quantitatively and qualitatively and is accurate to ppb.
۴ Indactively Coupled Plasma Induced Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectpscop
Or ICP-AES This device has the ability to measure quantitatively and qualitatively the elements and has a wide application in the analysis of minerals.
۵ C / S Analyzer for measuring carbon and sulfur
This machine is used to measure carbon and sulfur elements and its precision is 50 ppm for carbon and 5 ppm for sulfur.
۶ Flame Photometer Devices
The device is used to measure the concentration of elements such as sodium, calcium, barium, lithium and potassium in water.
۷ Microwave Oven Microswitches
Preparation and dissolution of the material for analysis under high temperature and heat, which is performed quickly, is the application of this device.
۸ Parts Analysis of Precious Metals Fire Assay
In this section, various furnaces of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum are extracted and determined, which includes melting, coplanar and separation stages.

۹ parts of sample preparation
Using the equipment and devices in this section, such as jaw crushers, cylinders, and LM2 and LM5 powders, which have the ability to powder the sample of about 4 kg, samples are prepared and sent to the relevant parts. . 10 different equipments
There are a number of other devices that are used in this laboratory, which include kilns and ovens, a melting sample for XRF, a tablet press for XRF, a tetramizer, ph meters, a phoemix melting machine, a water meter And multiple scales and a very accurate scale with a precision of 0.1 μg or 10-7 g.