The mineral processing processing center of Iran has 4 laboratory units (chemistry, mineralogy, processing and environment, safety and occupational health) and a semi-industrial processing unit. From the first half of 2005, chemistry, mineralogy and processing laboratories have been operating. Since the second half of 2007, the central processing unit’s semi-industrial processing plant has been used to simulate the processes of processing and optimization of processing units, as well as environmental studies on samples Received a receipt.
Since November 2008, this collection has been withdrawn from the project and is an independent collection of technical and engineering services. In the short term, the Center has succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System badge and the Center’s labs have been successful in obtaining the ISO / IEC 17025 International Standard Certificate. In addition, chemical and environmental laboratories, safety and occupational health services have received the Trust Certificates Center of the Environmental Protection Agency. The center has been registered as an ECO member country’s Mining Processing Research Center.

The study for the construction of Iran Mining Processing Research Center has been started since 1988, and this plan has been approved in the first development plan and has continued its work from the end of the first program until 1995 to the classification number 31307207. Since 2005, the project has been transferred from the Ministry of Industries and Mines to the Organization for the Development and Renovation of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran.
The design and selection of laboratory equipment, pilot works and workshops by the company BHP and AMDEL in Australia have been designed as a consultant and in collaboration with the Institute of Mineral Exploration and Exploration of Iran as an industrial consultant and observer in Iran. Due to the depletion of the two Australian companies, the remainder of the operation by the Iranian Industrial Advisor has continued until the commissioning and commencement of operation.