Acquiring technical knowledge of measuring the amount of processing drug in IMPRC

According to the pubic relation of IMPRC, environmental laboratory was able to acquire the technical knowledge of measuring the amount of processing drugs.

Considering the importance of environmental pollutants and also with the support of the HSEE unit, the Environmental Laboratory of the Mineral Processing Research Center last year gained technical know-how in measuring the amount of processing drugs (xanthate), one of the most important Organic collectors used in the flotation of sulfide minerals.

Considering the high consumption of these materials and its environmental damaging effects, taking into account the facilities and equipment of the center, the quantitative determination of the Xanthate as well as the provision of technical services on the quality of imported Xanthate to prevent the entry of poor ones, were on the agenda of the center.

Note that environmental laboratory of the center is ready to provide laboratory services to the mines, industries and companies importing Xanthate as the following:

  • Measuring the purity (activity) of industrial Xanthate by chemical methods and comparing and selecting the available Xanthates in the market.
  • Determination of the amount of Xanthate ions by advanced decomposition methods in very low amounts (ppm) in process and return water, input waste water into the waste dump and output waste water from the plant and …
  • Purification of industrial ethyl xanthate by laboratory methods and preparation of high purity xanthate.
  • Investigate the secondary products of Xanthate decomposition in aqueous medium over time and measure the amount of CS2 in the air.

Please contact Mrs. Damarcheli (environmental laboratory supervisor) for more information;

۰۲۶۹۲۱۰۸۳۶۱-۷۰ (Internal phone number of the supervisor: 350)


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