The presence of Iran Minerals Processing Research Center in 3rd International Conference and Exhibition of Engineering Materials and Metallurgy

Research Center of Iran Mineral Processing in the Conference and International Exhibition of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy at 27 and 28 November the Association Mhnsyn – metallurgy and Foundry mens Society of the Salon International Conference Shahid Beheshti University held Hzvrfal found.
The Public Relations Research Center of Iran Mineral Processing at the conference and exhibition welcomed a group of teachers, students and authorities were Dr. Karbasian Deputy Minister and President of the Board of IMIDRO in the opening made speeches.
The purpose of this conference and its exhibition was to create an interaction between metallurgy and materials engineering specialists with other industry and industrial experts.
It should be noted that during this year the center will be in the laboratories of Turkey _ Eurasia Mining Show 2014, 3rd and 14th Khordad, as well as Yazd Mining Exhibitions Exhibition in Yazd, June 3rd and 4th, at the Yazd University, the 7th Nanotechnology Festival, October 14th-17th at the Tehran International Trade Fair and Opportunity Exhibition Investment in mines and mining industries in two parts of the construction of specialized equipment and laboratory services, and Pilot has been active in the period from 22 to 24 October this year.


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