Visit of a large research company from China from the Mineral Processing Research Center
A large research company from China visited the Iran Mining Processing Research Center.
According to the Public Relations Department of Iran’s Mining and Mining Development and Renovation Organization, Professor Hu, managing director of the Minmetals Research Institute of Iran’s Mining Processing Research Center, attended the Iranian Mineral Processing Research Center, from various sections of this The center visited
Gholamreza Mulla Taheri, head of the Mining Processing Research Center of Iran, during the visit of the mentioned company, while presenting the experiences and capabilities of the center and records of the activities and future plans, is the start of joint research cooperation in the mining and mineral industries sector. He said that the center, as one of the five global research centers on mineral processing, is ready to partner with Maine Metals and can be a platform for bilateral cooperation.
 Demand for equipping the mineral processing processing center with a Chinese mobile processing unit unit.

In this visit, the experiences and capabilities available to meet the needs of Maine Metals Co., with the capabilities and capabilities of that center, and the provision of conditions for future joint collaboration, were presented.
Founder of the new technology of phosphoric acid production from the low reserves and Managing Director of Vincent Co, visited the Iran Mining Processing Research Center.
The Chinese side reported on the work and activities of the Maine Metals Research Institute.
Founded in 1950 by Maine Metals, it is currently active in the exploration, extraction, melting, processing, technology, metallurgy and minerals industries. Its head office is located in Beijing with 177,000 employees and 7 domestic and foreign offices in 34 countries. The company’s dividend in 2014 was more than 322,757 billion yuan, ranking among the top 500 richest global companies, and 198th among the metal companies.