۱۰ Top valuable ideas were introduced

Upon the end of the valuable ideas of mining and mineral industries festival, 10 top ideas were honored.

According to the public relations of IMPRC, upon the end of the first festival of valuable ideas of mining and mineral industries 10 of the top ideas selected from 100 ones by jury committee were received awards and honors in the presence of Mehdi Karbassian, director of the Imidra Organization, and Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, Director University of Tehran.

In this festival, Ziauddin Pourkarimi has one of 10 top ideas in the field of modern technologies of exploration, extraction, processing, and mineral industries with emphasis on Fava, Nano flotation design, fine particles, and Nano bubbles..

And other winners of the top ideas in the mining and industries are as the following:

Pouria Orouji (Energy Management at Mineral Processing Plant Using Mass and Energy Balance Software), Kambiz zad Eyvazi (Growth and Improvement of Productivity through Reducing Energy Use (Water) by Removing the Tickener and Returning wash Water of Filters in the way of Shortcut to settling basin reservoir), Jawad Jafar Yahya (Monitoring of vital signs with use in industries and mines), Hossein Mazaheri (Baked pellet Hardness Testing Machine), Ali Amiri and Sadegh Yousefi (Production of Hydroxide and Magnesium Nanoparticles from Brines), Mohammad Taghi Shadloo (Special Hydrate Production), Mohammad Zali (Extraction of Zinc, Cadmium and Nickel from Zinc Cake Filter), Hamid Reza Elyak Yi (removal of waste from fine-grained iron ore (below 3 mm) with dry magnetic method) and Mehdi Brokjyan (water supply for mineral industries with agricultural mechanization and the modification of the cultivation pattern of plains in the region by industries and the use of excess water resulting from these operations in industries; Case of Sangan Khaf) who were honored at this festival.





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